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John S. McCain POW CIA-Defense Department Documents

 Vietnam War Field Manuals

Vietnam War Field Manuals

28,456 pages of Vietnam War era military field manuals.


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The 213 Field Manuals date from 1960 to 1975. Highlights among the collection of  213 manuals include:

FM 31-15 Operations Against Irregular Forces

This field manual provided guidance to the commanders and staffs of combined arms forces which have a primary mission of eliminating irregular forces. The text discusses the nature of irregular forces comprised of organized guerrilla units and underground elements, and their supporters; and the organization, training, tactics, techniques, and procedures to be employed by a combined arms force, normally in conjunction with civil agencies, to destroy large, well-organized irregular forces in active or cold war situations. The manual recognises that these operations may be required in situations wherein an irregular force either constitutes the only enemy, or threatens rear areas of regular military forces which are conducting conventional operations.

FM 31-16 Counterguerrilla Operations

This field manual provided guidance for all infantry and airborne commanders and where infantry and airborne commanders,  and where applicable, staffs of the brigade, battalion, and rifle companies when they have the primary mission of conducting counterguerrilla operations. This guidance is also applied to mechanized infantry and armor units of comparable levels when they have been appropriately tailored to delete the major portion of their mechanized vehicular support. The manual emphasizes that commanders and staffs must be prepared to conduct counterguerrilla operations on a detached or semi-independent basis. This manual discusses the nature of guerrilla forces and the supporting underground elements and civilian auxiliary of resistance movements; and the organization, training, tactics, and techniques to destroy guerrilla forces in active war (active or non-active nuclear or non-nuclear) and subliminal war. These tactics emphasizes maximizing the use of Army aviation for lift, reconnaissance, and fire support.

FM 57-35 Airmobile Operations

This field manual provided guidance for commanders, staff officers, and other interested personnel in planning and executing airmobile operations. This field manual deals with all aspects of airmobile operations. It provides basic information concerning the planning and conduct of airmobile operations for all combat echelons, from small patrols to a battalion-size airmobile force. The principles and techniques are applicable to the infantry division battalion, airborne division battalion, air assault division battalion, armored cavalry regiment, and suitable elements of armored and mechanized divisions.

FM 30-16 Technical Intelligence

This field manual defined doctrine and established procedures for the management, planning, collection, production, reporting, and dissemination of Army technical intelligence. The manual was applicable to both nuclear and non-nuclear warfare. It covers procedures and establishes broad principles regarding the role military intelligence personnel and units in technical intelligence, and provides guidance for commanders, staffs, and combat support personnel in technical intelligence matters.

FM 31-8 Medical Service in Joint Operations

The purpose of this field manual was to familiarize Armed Forces command and staff officers with the general doctrine, organizations, and practices of the medical services  of the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force. It outlines the employment of these medical services in unified and/or joint operations. The manual includes a initial synopsis of the overall mission of military medical service is followed by an individual consideration of each of the medical services. The material concerning the unilateral employment of each medical service provides background information and delineates certain responsibilities. Finally, the technique of employment of a unified medical service is covered from the aspects of the estimate, the plan, and the operation.

FM 31-10 Denial Operations and Barriers

This field manual provides guidance to commanders and staff officers in the conduct of denial operations and the employment of barriers in a theater of operations. It sets forth responsibilities, principles of employment, and procedures for planning and coordinating the conduct of denial operations and the employment of barriers at various command echelons.

FM 45-25 Field Press Censorship

This field manual was designed to set forth the general principles of military field press censorship in combat areas. It provided the broad framework within which the precise requirements of field press censorship in a given area is to be defined and developed. It furnished commanders, staff officers, and other personnel with instruction on field press censorship planning and operations. This manual states the mission, major responsibilities, and functions of field press censorship in combat areas and its relationship to other staff agencies and operations. The procedures and mechanics of the operation are outlined in general terms. There is no attempt to lay down all of the detailed policies and procedures which the field press censor may find to be required in a given situation. The manual states that such detailed policies and procedures must vary with changing circumstances in the area of operations and can be developed realistically only as day-to-day experience suggests. Field press censors are cautioned in the manual that in the field they must familiarize themselves with the continuing flow of current press censorship guidance.

FM 57-1 U.S. Army-U.S. Air Force Doctrine for Airborne Operations

This field manual sets forth the doctrine, responsibilities, tactics, and techniques employed by Army and Air Force component forces for use in planning and executing joint airborne operations.

FM 100-10 Field Service Regulations Administration

Military activity may be divided into two major interdependent fields; combat activities and administrative support activities. This field manual deals with administrative support activities. Administrative support is the assistance given to troops in the areas of logistic, personnel, and civil affairs support. Such assistance includes appropriate staff planning, personnel management, interior management of units, supply support, service support, and civil affairs activities.

FM 100-5 Operations of Army Forces in the Field

This field manual was a guide for operations of U.S. Army forces in the field. The doctrine contained within applied to all levels of command and theater of operations, and particularly to levels above division. Military operations are actions, or the carrying out of strategic, tactical, service, training, or administrative military missions. They encompass all combat activity, including movement, supply, attack, defense, and maneuvers needed to gain the objectives of any battle or campaign. The discussion of military operations in the manual is broad in scope, but provides a basis for common understanding and the conduct of training. The procedures discussed herein are flexible. The contents of this manual are applicable the following levels of conflict (1) General war, to include consideration of the employment of and protection from nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) munitions; and operations in NBC environments. (2) Limited war. (3) Cold war, to include stability operations.

Included among the 213 field manuals are:

FM 23-9 Rifle, 5.56-MM, X M16 E1

FM 23-5 U.S. Rifle Caliber .30, M1

FM 23-8 U.S. Rifle 7.62mm, M14 and M14E2

FM 23-12 Technique of Fire of the Rifle Squad and Tactical Application

FM 31-15 Operations Against Irregular Forces

FM 31-16 Counterguerrilla Operations

FM 100-5 Operations of Army Forces in the Field

FM 6-70 105mm Howitzer Light, M102, Towed

FM 6-78 75-mm Pack Howitzer M1A1

FM 6-20-1 Field Artillery Tactics

FM 6-10 Field Artillery Communications

FM 17-1 Armor Operations

FM 17-12 Tank Gunnery

FM 6-3-1 Operation of the Gun Direction Computer M18 Cannon Application

FM 7-11 Rifle Company, Infantry, Airborne Infantry and Mechanized Infantry

FM 1-110 Armed Helicopter Employment

FM 17-37 Air Cavalry Squadron

FM 1-80 Aerial Observer Techniques and Procedures

FM 31-10 Denial Operations and Barriers

FM 1-130 Operation of the AN USD-1 Surveillance Drone System

FM 5-15 Field Fortifications

FM 5-20 Camouflage

FM 5-30 Engineer Intelligence

FM 57-35 Airmobile Operations

FM 7-15 Infantry Airborne Infantry and Mechanized Infantry Rifle Platoons and Squads

FM 7-15 Rifle Platoons and Squads Infantry, Airborne and Mechanized

FM 7-20 Infantry, Airborne Infantry, and Mechanized Infantry Battalions

FM 7-20 The Infantry Battalions

FM 8-10 Medical Support Theater of Operations

FM 8-35 Transportation of the Sick and Wounded

FM 57-1 U.S. Army-U.S. Air Force Doctrine for Airborne Operations

FM 16-100 Character Guidance Manual

FM 19-40 Enemy Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees

FM 22-5 Drill and Ceremonies

FM 45-25 Field Press Censorship

FM 1-15 Aviation Battalion Infantry, Airborne, Mechanized, and Armored Divisions

FM 1-80 Aerial Observer Training

FM 1-100 Army Aviation Utilization

FM 5-1 Engineer Troop Organizations and Operations

FM 5-36 Route Reconnaissance and Classification

FM 5-132 Infantry Division Engineers

FM 5-134 Armored Division Engineer Battalion

FM 6-2 Artillery Survey

FM 6-15 Artillery Meteorology

FM 7-10 Rifle Company, Infantry and Airborne Battle Groups

FM 8-15 Division Medical Service, Infantry, Airborne, Mechanized, and Armored Divisions

FM 9-17 Ordnance Ammunition Company

FM 10-8 Air Delivery of Supplies and Equipment in the Field Army

FM 11-50 Signal Battalion Armored, Infantry, and Infantry Mechanized Divisions

FM 12-2 Adjutant General Operations in the Field Army

FM 12-4 Division Separate Brigade Adjutant General

FM 12-50 The Military Band

FM 16-5 The Chaplain

FM 17-30 The Armored Brigade

FM 17-36 Divisional Armored and Air Cavalry Units

FM 17-42 Armored Infantry Battalion

FM 19-1 Military Police Support Army Divisions and Separate Brigades

FM 19-2 Military Police Support in the Field Army

FM 19-3 Military Police Support in the Communication Zone

FM 19-4 Military Police Support Theater of Operations

FM 19-5 The Military Policeman

FM 19-10 Military Police in Towns and Cities

FM 19-10 The Military Police Administration and Operations

FM 19-15 Civil Disturbances and Disasters

FM 19-21 Traffic Control Studies

FM 19-25 Military Police Traffic Control

FM 19-45-1 Rear Area Protection

FM 20-20 Basic Training and Care of Military Dogs

FM 20-22 Vehicle Recovery Operations

FM 20-100 Army Ground Forces Light Aviation

FM 21-5 Military Training Management

FM 27-15 Basic Field Manual Military Law Domestic Disturbances

FM 29-27 Army Calibration Company

FM 30-10 Terrain Intelligence

FM 30-16 Technical Intelligence

FM 31-3 Weather Support for Field Army Tactical Operations

FM 31-8 Medical Service in Joint Operations

FM 35-20 Physical Training Women's Army Corps

FM 38-5 Logistics Maintenance Management

FM 41-5 Joint Manual for Civil Affairs

FM 41-10 Civil Affairs Operation

FM 44-1 U.S. Army Air Defense Employment

FM 44-2 Air Defense Artillery Employment Automatic Weapons

FM 55-4-1 Transportation Movements in a Theater of Operations

FM 55-9 Transportation Services and the Transportation Brigade in the Field Army

FM 55-10 Army Transportation Movements Management

FM 57-10 Army Forces in Joint Airborne Operations

FM 61-100 The Division

FM 100-15 Larger Units Theater Army-Corps

The files contains a text transcript of all recognizable text embedded into the graphic image of each pae of each document, creating a searchable finding aid. Text searches can be done across all files on each disc.



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