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John S. McCain POW CIA-Defense Department Documents

 Military Field Manuals 1954-1962

Military Field Manuals 1954-1962

25,585 pages of military field manuals. The 143 field manuals date from 1954 to 1962.

Highlights include:

TM 9-1005-206-12 Operation and Organizational Maintenance Caliber .22 Rifle M13, Remington Rifle M513T, Stevens Rifle M416-2T, and Winchester Rifle M75T

This field manual contains information on the operation and organizational maintenance of the cal. .22 Remington rifle M513T, the cal. .22 Stevens rifle M416-2T, and the cal. .22 Winchester rifle M75T. Topics include: Description and data. Operating instructions. Operation under usual conditions for Remington rifle M513T. Operation under usual conditions for Stevens rifle M416-2T. Operation under usual conditions for Winchester rifle M75T. Operation
under unusual conditions. Parts, special tools, and equipment. Lubrication. Preventive-maintenance services. Troubleshooting. Ammunition. Shipment and
Storage. Destruction of materiel to prevent enemy use.

FM 7-10 Rifle Company Infantry and Airborne Division Battle Group

This field manual is a guide to the tactical employment of the rifle company, infantry division battle group, and the rifle company, airborne division battle group.

FM 6-20 Field Artillery Tactics and Techniques

This field manual is a guide for field artillery officers and commanders and staffs of all combat arms. It is concerned with the tactical employment of field artillery. It covers organization, command, and tactical control of field artillery. It includes a discussion of the techniques involved in target intelligence and analysis, field artillery fire planning, and the direction of field artillery fires. It includes a general discussion of the principles, organization and techniques of coordination of fire support with particular emphasis given to field artillery aspects. The employment of field artillery in airborne, amphibious, and other special operations is covered.

FM 17-12 Tank Gunnery

This field manual presents tank gunnery principles, methods, and techniques, and training exercises and proficiency tests applicable to all types and models of standard tanks. This field manual is divided into five parts. Part one outlines the purpose and scope of this field manual. Part two presents general characteristics of tank armaments, turrets, armament controls, ammunition, and ballistics; part three, the fundamentals of tank gunnery and fire control equipment; part four, the conduct of fire, both direct and indirect; and part five, tank gunnery training, testing, and qualification, familiarization, and practice firing, and procedures for establishing and conducting tank firing ranges.

FM 5-15 Field Fortifications

This field manual provides information on the use of field fortifications and obstacles in proper combinations with mobility and dispersion for the protection of individuals, units, and administrative support installations in the field.

FM 7-40 Infantry and Airborne Division Battle Groups

This field manual is a guide for battle group commanders, their staffs, and subordinate unit leaders in preparing their commands for and employing them in combat. It is also a guide for commanders of supporting units and for staff officers of higher headquarters whose duties may include making recommendations for battle group employment.

FM 8-5 Medical Service Units Theater of Operations

The purpose of this field manual is to provide information on the normal organization, training, functions, administration, and internal activities of Army Medical Service units/elements normally utilized in a theater of operations.

FM 8-35 Transportation of the Sick and Wounded

This field manual describes the principal methods and means of transporting the sick and wounded. It includes a description of the common methods of transporting casualties on land, sea, and in the air.

FM 9-65 Armored Ordnance Battalion

This field manual is a guide for personnel assigned to the Armored Ordnance Battalion. It is designed, primarily, to provide the battalion and company commanders and the key personnel of the battalion with the basic information needed to operate the unit in a manner that will permit efficient mission accomplishment.  This field manual contains specific material on the organization, mission, employment, operational methods, training, administration, logistics, communication, and special problems of the armored ordnance battalion.

FM 10-63 Handling of Deceased Personnel in Theaters of Operations

This field manual provides technical assistance to personnel of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force engaged in graves registration activities during major military operations. It is designed for use by all commanders (including combat commanders) and by personnel and units concerned with, or responsible for, search, recovery, and evacuation of deceased personnel, location and layout of temporary cemeteries, identification and burial of the dead, and preparation of reports and records in connection with these activities.

FM 19-5 The Military Policeman

This field manual addresses the military police, MP, soldier. Its purpose is to furnish basic information and instruction relative to the performance of military police, MP, duties. It provides a guide to officers, both commissioned and noncommissioned, in respect to training, employment, and supervision as a military policeman (MP). This field manual sets forth the role and a brief history of the Military Police Corps. It includes information as authority, responsibilities, duties, and equipment. Other agencies, military and civilian, engaged in activities related to those MPs perform within the Army are indicated. Special methods and techniques that MPs use in performing their duties are discussed.

Topics include: History. Standards and appearance. Uniform and equipment. Other law enforcement agencies. Jurisdiction. Authority. Military police patrols and fixed posts. Crime prevention. Apprehension, restraint, and detention. Military police notebook and reports. Assisting military police criminal investigators. Investigating incidents. Witness in court. Military police traffic control. Handling enemy personnel, displaced persons, and refugees. Physical security and protection of persons. Disturbances and disasters.

FM 21-11 First Aid for Soldiers

The purpose of this field manual is to provide the basic fundamentals of first aid care and treatment which a solider can apply to himself or to another soldier before the arrival of trained medical personnel. It includes instructions in first aid measures to take for special injuries such as chest and stomach; common emergencies, such as snake bite and drowning; injuries resulting from contact with chemicals, such as war gases and propellant fuels and oxidizers; and how to transport the sick and wounded so as not to aggravate their condition or endanger their life.

Other manuals on the disc include:

FM 1-100 Army Aviation

FM 23-8 U.S. Rifle 7.62-mm M14

FM 6-20-1 Field Artillery Tactics

FM 6-40 Field Artillery Gunnery

FM 6-77 105-mm Howitzer M52 Self-Propelled

FM 6-140 The Field Artillery Battery

FM 17-1 Armor Operations Small Units

FM 55-6-1 Army Transport Aviation Combat Operations

FM 101-1 Staff Officers' Field Manual The G1 Manual

FM 1-5 Army Aviation Organizations and Employment

FM 1-10 Army Aviation Organizational Aircraft Maintenance Supply

FM 5-20 Camouflage Basic Principles and Field Camouflage

FM 5-21 Camouflage of Fixed Installations

FM 5-22 Camouflage Materials

FM 5-30 Engineer Intelligence

FM 5-36 Route Reconnaissance and Classification

FM 5-132 Infantry Division Engineer Battalion

FM 5-134 Armored Division Engineer Battalion

FM 6-10 Field Artillery Communications

FM 6-21 Division Artillery

FM 6-21 Division Artillery, Infantry Division

FM 7-19 Combat Support Company Infantry Division Battle Group

FM 7-21 Headquarters and Headquarters Company Infantry Division

FM 7-24 Communication in Infantry and Airborne Divisions

FM 7-30 Service and Medical Companies Infantry Regiment

FM 7-100 Infantry Division

FM 8-10 Medical Service Theater of Operations

FM 8-50 Bandaging and Splinting

FM 8-55 Army Medical Service Planning Guide

FM 9-2 Ordnance Corps Logistical Data

FM 9-5 Ordnance Service in the Field

FM 9-197 Ordnance General Automotive Support Company

FM 11-8 Field Radio Relay Techniques

FM 11-10 The Signal Battalion Infantry Division

FM 11-11 The Signal Battalion Armored Division

FM 11-15 Signal Cable Construction Battalion

FM 11-16 Signal Orders, Records, and Reports

FM 11-21 Tactical Signal Communication Systems Army, Corps and Division

FM 11-40 Signal Corps Pictorial Operations

FM 11-41 Film and Equipment Exchange Operations

FM 12-11 Administration Company Airborne, Armored, Infantry and Mechanized Divisions

FM 12-50 The Marching Band

FM 16-5 The Chaplain

FM 16-100 Character Guidance Manual

FM 17-12 Tank Gunnery

FM 17-15 Tank Units Platoon, Company and Battalion

FM 17-20 Armored Infantry Units Platoon, Company and Battalion

FM 17-30 The Armored Division Brigade

FM 17-33 Tank Units Platoon, Company and Battalion

FM 17-35 Armored Cavalry Platoon, Troop and Squadron

FM 17-35 Armored Cavalry Units Armored and Infantry Divisions

FM 17-36 Armored Cavalry Platoon and Troop Air Cavalry Troop and Divisional Armored Cavalry Squadron

FM 19-15 Civil Disturbances and Disasters

FM 19-60 Confinement of Military Prisoners

FM 20-20 Military Dog Training and Employment

FM 20-22 Vehicle Recovery Operations

FM 21-5 Military Training

FM 21-6 Techniques of Military Instruction

FM 21-10 Military Sanitation

FM 21-18 Foot Marches

FM 21-20 Physical Training

FM 21-26 Map Reading

FM 22-5 Drill and Ceremonies

FM 22-100 Military Leadership

FM 23-71 Rifle Marksmanship Course Trainfire I

FM 24-20 Field Wire and Field Cable Techniques

FM 25-10 Motor Transportation Operations

FM 26-5 Interior Guard

FM 27-10 The Law of Land Warfare

FM 30-10 Terrain Intelligence

FM 30-101 Aggressor The Maneuver Enemy

FM 30-101A Aggressor the Maneuver Enemy Esperanto Language

FM 30-102 Handbook on Aggressor Military Forces

FM 30-102 Handbook on Aggressor Military Forces

FM 38-1 Logistics Supply Management

FM 41-5 Joint Manual of Civil Affairs-Military Government

FM 41-10 Civil Affairs Military Government Operations

FM 44-2 Light Antiaircraft Artillery (Automatic Weapons)

FM 54-1 The Logistical Command

FM 54-2 Division Logistics and the Support Command

FM 55-4 Transportation Movements in Theaters of Operations

FM 55-6 Transportation Services in Theaters of Operations

FM 55-21 Rail Transportation Higher Units

FM 55-23 Transportation Railway Shop Battalion

FM 57-35 Army Transport Aviation Combat Operations

FM 105-5 Maneuver Control

TM 9-207 Operation and Maintenance of Ordnance Materiel in Extreme Cold Weather 0 ° TO -65° F

TM 9-242 Fundamentals of Ordnance Corps Machine Tools

TM 9-247 Materials Used for Cleaning, Preserving, Abrading, and Cementing Ordnance Materiel and Related Materials Including Chemicals

TM 9-1000-202-35 Operating Procedures Evaluation of Cannon Tubes

TM 9-1005-206-12 Operation and Organizational Maintenance Caliber .22 Rifle M13, Remington Rifle M513T, Stevens Rifle M416-2T, and Winchester Rifle M75T

The disc contains a text transcript of all recognizable text embedded into the graphic image of each page of each document, creating a searchable finding aid. Text searches can be done across all files on the disc.


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