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 World War II: OSS Numbered Intelligence Bulletins

World War II:
OSS Numbered Intelligence Bulletins

1,297 pages of Office of Strategic Services, OSS, intelligence bulletins dating from March 1943 to April 1945.


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Founded during World War II, The Office of Strategic Services, better known by its acronym OSS, was a United States intelligence agency. The OSS was a predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The OSS was formed to coordinate espionage activities behind enemy.

These bulletins were sent to the White House for the consumption of President Roosevelt and military staff. These bulletins were created from intelligence gathered by OSS operatives working in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Among the many topics covered in these bulletins are: Axis intentions and capabilities; internal political situations, social and economic conditions; Axis peace overtures; the French Resistance; European Resistance organizations and activities; Palestine situation; Balkan political and military situation; Nazi leadership; de Gaulle-Giraud situation; Vichy France; anti-Hitler resistance in German military; Allied propaganda in Europe; Allied air operations in France and Germany; political and military situation in North Africa; internal political and military situation in Italy; and the German Underground.

The bulletins contain OSS ratings of the reliability of the sources and OSS comments about the information relayed in the bulletins. This collection includes an index listing each bulletin's number, date, and subjects.

Highlights include:

Bulletin Number 1, March 10, 1943 - Topics include: Significance of the Ribbentrop-Mussolini Meeting (Feb. 24-28) in Rome, Suggestions for U.S. Psychological Warfare Against Axis Satellites, French Resistance: The Formation of Secret Armies, Conditions in Alsace-Lorraine.

Bulletin Number 3, March 17, 1943 - Topics include: France: Bomb Damage at L'Orient, The French Underground: Organization of a "Secret Army," Germany: Extermination of Jews, Serious Effects of Anti-Allied Propaganda in Morocco, German and Japanese Contributions to an Understanding with Russia.

Bulletin Number 42, July 28, 1943 - Topics include: German Anticipations of Landings in France, Yugoslav Government: The Pan-Serbs vs. the Croats, Germany: Difficulties of Labor Mobilization, German Troop Movement in Norway.

Bulletin Number 83, December 4, 1943 - Topics include: Germany: Reports of the Progress of Secret Weapons, Germany: New Troop Levies; Ruthless Use of the New Police Powers

Bulletin Number 93, January 10, 1944 - Topics include: Germany: Secret Weapon Losing Propaganda Value; Recruitment of Young Boys, USSR: Enemy Estimate of Soviet Forces in the Far East, France: Collaborationists starting Ostensible Resistance Movements, Italy: Vatican Conflicts with the Axis.

Bulletin Number 102 February 8, 1944 - Topics include: France: Message to De Gaulle from Metropolitan Resistance Groups, France: Needs of the Underground Army, France: British Plans for Supplying the Maquis Resistance, France: The Resistance, the Parliamentarians, and Algiers, France: Resistance Groups and Allied Policy.







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