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 World War I: Political Cartoon Posters - Carey Cartoon Service

World War I:
Political Cartoon Posters - Carey Cartoon Service

183 Political Cartoon Posters produced by the Carey Cartoon Service from 1914 to 1919.


The illustrations on these poster boards depict a ride range of commentary on world events surrounding World War I.

These posters were produced weekly by the Carey Cartoon Service. A one-year subscription cost $52.00. The customers for these posters were retail storefronts. These posters were placed in store windows in an attempt to get passersby to stop at the store.

The colorful illustrations contained multiple lines of thought, images and punch lines. The use of caricatures of world figures and National icons are replete throughout the illustrations.

In 1915, a book of the first year of these illustrations was published. From its introduction: "It originated with the Carey Fountain Pen stores and has been used by them for about eight years...  When the European war began, the subject did not appear very promising for cartoons intended for window display owing to the bitter partisan feelings the war engendered in the breasts of many whose ancestors came from one or more of the belligerent nations. Moreover, the president made a strong appeal to all citizens to refrain from unnatural words or deeds. In keeping with the spirit of the proclamation and out of difference to the feelings of many citizens, absolute neutrality has been sought and maintained in the Carey War cartoons."


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