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John S. McCain POW CIA-Defense Department Documents

 Harry Truman Presidential Papers


6,500 pages of Harry S. Truman presidential papers.


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Selected documents include letters to Bess Wallace Truman dating from 1910, selections from the official file, post presidential papers, papers of Clark Clifford, Charles Ross, George M. Elsey, Robert E. Hannegan, and Harry B. Price. Also included among the papers of Joseph M. Jones, is a discussion of the Truman doctrine relating to Greece and Turkey and the Marshall Plan. The documents from the "Long Hand Notes File" include handwritten notes on subjects ranging from world affairs to the difficulties of dealing with General Douglas MacArthur.

Major section coverage of the files include:

Atomic Bomb Decision. Files date from 1945 to 1953. Documents include coverage of the Groves Project AKA the Manhattan Project, minutes of the meeting held at the White House on Monday, 18 June 1945, evaluation of situation regarding the War in the Pacific against the Japanese, strategic bombing survey, study of war-time use of the atomic bomb by the Interim Committee chaired by Robert Oppenheimer, Truman diary entries, and Truman's reaction to the historical response to his decision to drop the bomb.

Korean War. Documents cover early events of the Korea War including: The deployment of the third of General Douglas MacArthur's four occupation divisions committed from Japan; A sweeping North Korean attack from the west and continuing frontal assaults press the American and South Korean troops operating under the United Nations flag into a narrow defensive position around the port of Pusan and the temporary South Korean capital, Taegu; National security questions, including the island of Formosa; The so-called "Stand or Die Order," encouraging American troops to hold their defensive positions, even as the North Korean appearance on the western flank threatens Pusan, logistical lifeline to Japan; MacArthur visit to Formosa for an inspection trip; South Korean and U.S. troops withdraw into the Pusan perimeter; North Korea attacks along the entire line in the beginning of the Battle of the Naktong Bulge; The Eighth Army defends Taegu; The U.S. 7th Division in Japan begins augmentation with South Korean draftees as the KATUSA program is established; Plans for the Inchon landing; Final approval for the Inchon amphibious landing is given by the Joint Chiefs of Staff; National Security Council approval of military operations north of the 38th parallel; and MacArthur's invasion force assembling off the shore from Inchon, port city of the South Korea.

The Berlin Airlift. Files include Central Intelligence Agency files Cabinet meeting materials and the papers of Clark Clifford, Truman's Press Secretary.

The Marshall Plan. Documents include speech drafts, policy statements, telegrams, letters, and memos dealing the planning and implementation of the Marshall Plan.

United Nations. Files cover: Adding countries to the United Nations; Allied reparations committee; Annual reports; Disarmament commission; Secretary general & secretariat; Establishing headquarters in New York; San Francisco Conference; Delegates, ambassadors & representatives; and The United Nations General Assembly.

NATO. Files cover: Development and ratification of the North Atlantic Treaty, Development of NATO as an organization; and NATO Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower,

The 1948 Campaign. Documents cover campaign strategies, "Whistle Stop" tour, campaign polls, and election results

Israel. White House correspondences regarding the recognition of Israel.











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John S. McCain POW CIA-Defense Depart Documents

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