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 Civil War: Tennessee Civil War Source Book

Civil War
Tennessee Civil War Source Book

10,673 pages of transcripts of Civil War documents dealing with the war and the state of Tennessee.



Tennessee Civil War Source Book CD-ROM

The documents date from September 1, 1861 through September 30, 1865. The transcriptions are of Newspaper articles, extracts from The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, diaries, ship deck logs, letters and journals.

Tennessee has been described as the most divided state during the Civil War Era. Tennessee was the last Southern state to join the Confederacy. In parts of Eastern Tennessee the Union still enjoyed strong support. The Vice President of the United States, Andrew Johnson, was a Tennessee Union loyalist. This support often took the form of guerrilla warfare against state authorities by burning bridges, cutting telegraph wires, and spying for the North. Tennessee was the first state readmitted to the Union on July 24, 1866.

Only Virginia saw more combat incidents than Tennessee during the Civil War. Key battles fought in Tennessee include the Battle of Shiloh, which at the time, was the deadliest battle in American history, the battles of Stones River, Chattanooga, Nashville, and Franklin.

Battles fought in Tennessee include: Bean's Station, Blountville, Blue Springs, Brentwood, Bull's Gap, Campbell's Station, First Battle of Chattanooga, Second Battle of Chattanooga, Third Battle of Chattanooga, Collierville, Columbia, Danbridge, Dover, Fair Garden, Fort Donelson, Fort Henry, Fort Pillow, Fort Sanders, First Battle of Franklin, Second Battle of Franklin, Hartsville, Hatchie's Bridge, Hoover's Gap, Island Number Ten, Jackson, Johnsonville, First Battle of Memphis, Second Battle of Memphis, Mossy Creek, First Battle of Murfreesboro, Third Battle of Murfreesboro, Nashville, Parker's Cross Roads, Shiloh, Spring Hill, Stones River, Thompson's Station, Vaught's Hill and Wauhatchie.

In 1995, the Tennessee State Archives began assembling transcripts of its most enlightening holdings dealing with an array of military, economic, social and political history associated with the Civil War as it happened in Tennessee. Eleven years later the transcripts were completed that make up this compilation.

After each document transcript there is a brief citation, indicating the source from which the entry was taken. Includes footnotes written by historians at the Tennessee State Archives. The entries can be browsed and all entries can be word searched with a single query.

Newspapers drawn from for the compilation include: Chattanooga Daily Rebel, Chattanooga Daily Gazette, Clarksville Chronicle, Humboldt Soldier's Budget, Knoxville Daily Bulletin, Knoxville Daily Southern Chronicle, Knoxville Daily Register, Knoxville Holston Journal, Knoxville Tri�Weekly Whig and Rebel Ventilator, Memphis Daily Appeal, Memphis Weekly Appeal, Memphis Daily Bulletin, Murfreesboro Daily Rebel Banner, Nashville Daily Patriot, Nashville Union and American, Nashville Daily Press and Times, Nashville Daily Union, Trenton Standard, and the New York Times.

Collections drawn from at the Tennessee State Archives include Zeboim Carter Patten Diaries, Diary of William E. Sloan, Diary of Nimrod Porter, Diary of Rebecca Carter Craighead, George Hovey Cadman Letters, Joel Shoffner Papers, William Mark Eames Papers, Hamilton�Williams Family Papers, Robert H. Cartmell papers, Simon Perkins, Jr. Papers, Journal of Bradford Nichol, Rutledge Battery, Records of the Southern Claims Commission, Correspondence by Jane Smith Washington, Frederick Bradford Papers, Talbot�Fentress Family Papers, Lucy Virginia Smith French Diaries, Correspondence by Jane Smith Washington, Diary of Sally Wendel Fentress, and more.

Institutional resources from outside the Tennessee State Archives include those at the National Archives and Records Administration, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Libraries, Metropolitan Nashville Davidson County Archives, Stones River National Battlefield Collection, Motlow State Community College Civil War Research Center, Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area, and University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Collections.

Outside collections include, Papers of Andrew Johnson, Kate Carney Diary, Kimberly Family Papers, Lenoir Family Papers, Diary of Belle Edmondson, G. M. Barber Correspondence, James A. McCord Correspondence, Willis Hansford Correspondence, John Ward Correspondence, Peter L. Critz Correspondence, Letters of Thomas A. Cobb, John C. Seibert Correspondence, Absolom A. Harrison Correspondence, Henry Albert Potter Correspondence, Letters of Captain Peter Marchant 47th Tennessee Infantry, William Hackworth Collection, The James M. Randall Diary, Robert Cruikshank Letters, Virginia Tech Civil War Love Letters Collection, Civil War Diary and Letters of David Humphrey Blair, Albert Underwood Correspondence and Diary, Sarah E. Thompson papers, Diary of William M. Woodcock 9th Kentucky Infantry, George G. Sinclair Collection, Diary of Lyman S. Widney, and more.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to download a sample PDF file of the following entries taken from the 7,617 entries in this collection.

September 15, 1861 - Life in a Confederate camp of instruction; a letter from Sergeant Fayette McDowell at Camp Myers [Overton County, Tennessee] to his sisters at home in the Cherry Creek community in White County. Source: Diary of Amanda McDowell.

February 2, 1862 - Skirmish in Morgan County. Source: New York Times, February 9, 1862.

March 4, 1862 - June 10, 1862 - Operations in Tennessee. Source: Official Records of The War of the Rebellion: Serial I, Vol. 10, pt. I, pp. 2-3.

April 8, 1862 - Reconnaissance from Shiloh battlefield. Report of Brig. Gen. William T. Sherman, U. S. Army.

September 16, 1862 - Kate Cumming, Confederate nurse, arrives in Chattanooga. Source: Memphis Appeal, April 11, 1862.

June 18, 1863 - Advertisement for a Slave Auction in Lincoln County. Source: Fayetteville Observer, June 18, 1863.

June 21, 1863 - Alleged Confederate spy killed by Union pickets south of Nashville. Source: Nashville Daily Press, June 22, 1863.

August 6, 1863 - Mrs. Clara Judd of Winchester released from prison on spy charges. Source: Memphis Appeal [Atlanta, Georgia] September 2, 1863.

September 1, 1863 - Confederate spy's report on Federal strength in Memphis. Source: Official Records of The War of the Rebellion: Serial I, Vol. 30, pt. IV, pp. 581-582.

October 1, 1863 - Military Governor Andrew Johnson commissions the raising of Union Guards in Dickson County. Source: Papers of Andrew Johnson, Vol. 6, p. 400.

January 11, 1864 - Our campaign was not so hard on account of forced marches, as on account of the exposure we were obliged to endure. . . " Frank M. Guernsey's letter home to Fannie. Source: Guernsey Collection

January 28, 1864 - Plea for protection of slave property from Mary Sharp College President Zwinglius C. Graves in Winchester. Source: Papers of Andrew Johnson, Vol. 6, p. 597

March 6, 1864 - The Civil War Adventures of Lizzie the Union Soldier from Tennessee. " Truth Stranger than Fiction � Lizzie Compton, the Soldier Girl." Source: New Orleans Daily Picayune, March 6, 1864

April 17, 1864 - Report on the Knoxville Fugitive Slave Case. Source: Nashville Dispatch, April 17, 1864.

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